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SECURCORP performs a complete assessment for our clients to determine safe executive travel or current threat trends that may impact client assets. This thorough analysis starts with the country's current threat level obtained from federal sources, continues with state or province (depending on country) information, then to city, and finally to our client's specific locations of concern where your personnel, facilities, or assets are situated. We  research public and private resources. The final product is realistic appraisal, which can be used as a basis for our client's determination to initiate or continue production or travel to these areas.  

About Us


SECURCORP, INC. is an international security company located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Founded in 1993 by President and CEO Thomas M. Pokusa, our corporate philosophy and primary focus; unchanged since inception, is to provide every client with the highest quality security services available and to deliver those services at competitive pricing.

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