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SECURCORP, INC. became a Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Private Security Services Training School in July 2008.


School ID #88-1495


SECURCORP, INC. Training Facility currently offers the following courses:

Note: The course durations reflected, are the minimum required times set by DCJS. SECURCORP Inc. Training Facility exceeds the minimum required standards.

01E - VA Unarmed Security Officer (Core Subjects)


    Course Duration: 20 hours

    1. Orientation 

        - Virginia Law and Regulations

        - Code of Ethics

        - General Duties and Responsibilities

    2. Law 

    3. Security Patrol, Access Control, and Communications

    4. Documentation

    5. Emergency Procedures

    6. Confrontation Management

01I - VA Unarmed Security Officer (In-Service)

    Course Duration: 4 hours


    1. Legal Authority

    2. Job Related Training

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