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About Us


SECURCORP, INC. is an international security company located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Founded in 1993 by President and CEO Thomas M. Pokusa, our corporate philosophy and primary focus; unchanged since inception, is to provide every client with the highest quality security services available and to deliver those services at competitive pricing.

If labor disruption is a possibility, SECURCORP Tactical Response will survey your site(s), outline the logistics involved, and provide a plan on how to best protect your personnel, facilities, and property.  We will identify areas of concerns with senior management and strive for consensus on what changes, if any, will need to be made.  These cost-effective recommendations will mitigate, or in most cases, eliminate your threats to operating during a work stoppage.


Our Tactical Supervisors and Tactical Security Officers are selected and trained for their ability to maintain professionalism in the most difficult situations. These individuals have undergone a thorough multi-faceted background check and drug screening to ensure that only the most qualified tactical personnel are representing you, our client.


We maintain a database of our trained Tactical employees who are ready for rapid deployment in the United States.  SECURCORP handles all the required logistics for mobilization and demobilization should a work stoppage occur.


SECURCORP maintains an extensive inventory of riot gear, communications equipment, and uniforms which are provided at no additional cost to our clients.


If your executives and/or management team members are threatened, SECURCORP will provide executive protection wherever the protectee is located whether in transit, at the office, or in residence.  Our low-key approach to protection has been very effective in providing the required safety so that you can concentrate on efficiently running your business in stressful times.   

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