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President - Thomas M. Pokusa


Mr. Pokusa, a graduate of San Jose State University, has the unique experience of serving both in the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI in addition to 36 years experience in private security. 


At SECURCORP, Mr. Pokusa provides overall management. He brings "hands-on" leadership to the position. He has personally provided protection to numerous celebrities from the U.S. President to members of Royalty to internationally renowned entertainers and fortune 500 corporate executives. In 1984, he provided total logistical support for the Presidential Yacht "Sequoia" during its Inaugural Tour. The policies and procedures he has documented from the myriad of experiences are emulated throughout the industry.


His personal management experience with crisis security has been thoroughly documented and widely used as the blueprint for handling such "high threat" situations as violent strikes, plant closings, down sizing's, and natural disasters. Mr. Pokusa has been involved in over 450 labor disputes. He has developed procedures for rapid deployment of personnel and equipment nationwide that have set the industry standard. 


Mr. Pokusa is a graduate of the United Service Secret Service Academy and Brown University's Emergency Medical Services. He has been a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) since 1984. Mr. Pokusa is one of the first in the nation to be certified by the Department of Homeland Security in RAMCAP (Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection).

Vice President - Russ Reader


Mr. Reeder has extensive military, law enforcement, security, and emergency response experience. Mr. Reeder served with the United States Marine Corps for over 12 years in communications and aircraft firefighter rescue field at numerous Marine Installations in both the United States and overseas. 


Mr. Reeder is a retired Police Officer from the Prince William County Police Department located in Northern VA. He served the County Police Department in many capacities. Initially as a Patrol Officer then served as a member of the Riot Team, Crime Scene Technician, Field Training Officer, Surveillance Officer for Special Operations Bureau and was then assigned to the Accident Investigation Unit. During Mr. Reeder's service with Prince William County Police Department he was reactivated into the United States Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm.

Mr. Reeder is currently responsible for deployments of SECURCORP TACTICAL RESPONSE teams throughout the United States. Mr. Reeder is capable of mobilizing the Tactical response teams within 12 - 24 hours of a client's request. Tactical Response teams have responded for many situations, including labor disruptions, riot control, and video/ photography evidence collection tasks. Mr. Reeder directs all logistics during a mobilization to include transportation, billeting, equipment, and communication requirements. He is also oversees all local training sessions to maintain state compliance. 

Director, Uniformed Division - Garrett Squires


Mr. Squires has been employed with SECURCORP since 1997. He began his career with the company as a Security Officer, quickly rising to the leadership position of Director of our Uniformed Division.


He has extensive experience in the music industry as he has provided security for many prominent artists and bands.


As SECURCORP's Director of Uniformed Division Mr. Squires manages all of the Uniformed Division Contracts throughout Virginia and Washington DC. He oversees the day-to-day operations of this division by monitoring and scheduling all shifts as required by our clients.


Mr. Squires manages all training schedules and evaluations of the Uniformed Division's field supervisors and officers. He holds random inspections at every site in order to evaluate development and performance of the security program in place at each location. 


Mr. Squires is a member of ASIS International and is experienced in the technical aspect of security operations and safety practices in the industry.  

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